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From National Geographic Adventure

Classic Hikes of the World

Classic Hikes
National Geographic Adventure asked Peter Potterfield to write a story describing what might be the 10 best hikes on the planet for its May 2005 cover story. See those pages here. (Note that only five of the ten hikes featured by the National Geographic Adventure cover story are reproduced here; for information on the other five, see Classic Hikes of the World.)


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From Backpacker Magazine

Harvey Manning

The Warrior Writer
A revealing profile of Harvey Manning, a Pacific Northwest guidebook writer and environmentalist credited with helping to preserve many parts of the Cascades.

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Ray Way

The Ray Way
Peter Potterfield's ground-breaking interview with Ray Jardine for Backpacker magazine is credited by many observers with launching the "go-light" hiking movement of the modern era.

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From Condé Nast Traveler


Everest Still has its Allure
Conde Nast Traveler asked Peter Potterfield to write about the continuing allure of Mount Everest in the wake of the 1996 tragedy on the mountain.

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From AARP Magazine

Seize the Day

Seize the Day
The collection of interviews with people driven by adventure travel appeared in AARP Magazine.

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From Readers Digest

Readers Digest Cover

Ordeal on Mount Foraker
This story of survival in the Alaska Range is one of a trilogy of such epics in In the Zone. It was excerpted as a cover story in Readers Digest, and the first part of that story is shown here. The book-length piece is too long to post in its entirety, so see In the Zone for its conclusion.

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Readers Digest Cover

Quest for K2
Peter Potterfield often writes about adventure for a mainstream audience, as in this piece about the first American ascent of the Abruzzi Ridge on K2 by Scott Fischer and Ed Viesturs.

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